Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Help Fight Snoring!

September 11, 2017

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snoring disturbs wifeDoes your spouse complain that you snore? Even if your partner is a trooper and doesn’t constantly whine about the sounds you make while you’re snoozing, it’s still a problem that you might want to address. Snoring can even wake you up if it’s loud enough. Of course, a little disturbance isn’t the only problem associated with unwanted nighttime noise. Snoring is one of the major indicators of sleep apnea. What exactly causes snoring, and how can sleep apnea treatment help?

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is a noise that results from the vibration of your upper airway when you breathe. It can be a soft, almost cute sound, or it can sound like a chainsaw. Snoring is more common in men than it is in women, but people of either gender can be affected.

There are several signs that indicate you might have obstructive sleep apnea, among which snoring is one of the most common. Obstructive sleep apnea, also called OSA, is a condition wherein your upper airway narrows or even gets blocked altogether as you sleep. The things that is obstructing the airway might be your tongue or another part of your body.

How Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Help

One of the main ways that medical professionals treat OSA is through oral appliance therapy. Your dentist can create a custom device for you to wear at night. It will gently reposition your jaw to prevent obstructions from occurring as you sleep. As a result, you’ll sleep easier — and you may even stop snoring! Both you and your spouse will be grateful for the relief.

Other ways of reducing snoring include losing weight, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and sleeping on your side.

Why Treatment Is So Important

If you don’t sleep next to anyone, you might think that you don’t need to address your snoring problem. After all, there’s no one to bother if you make a little extra noise while you’re getting shuteye. However, if OSA is the culprit behind your snoring, it’s very important that you seek treatment.

Severe OSA affects the quality of your sleep. You might be tired throughout the day, and you may find that you experience high levels of sleep because you’re so drowsy. You might also have to cope with headaches, mood swings, and other unpleasant symptoms. In severe cases, OSA can even lead to death.

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, head to your physician for a diagnosis. Then, your doctor can write a prescription for you to take to your local dentist, who will then provide you with an oral appliance that will ease your condition and help you get more quality time in dreamland. You’ll have more energy and be happier. Your partner will be grateful, too!

Nighttime should be quiet time. If you snore because of OSA, address the problem so the Zs can flow freely.

About the Dentist

Dr. Randall Nameth is your go-to dentist in Worthington. He provides general dentistry along with other services, including sleep apnea treatment. If you’re ready to get a better night’s rest, contact our office at 614-846-2222 to learn more about oral appliance therapy.

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