Dentist in Worthington Spills Important Root Canal Details!

April 19, 2018

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man dental painNothing can ruin a day like dental pain. You can’t seem to get anything accomplished because there’s a throbbing sensation on the side of your mouth. You can’t even eat your favorite foods because it can be too difficult to chew. Obviously, dental pain is nothing to ignore because it can put a damper your day, but it can also be a sign from your body that there’s a bigger issue with your mouth.

Learn more about how your dentist in Worthington may be able to help you relieve your dental pain with a simple root canal procedure in this week’s blog post.

What are the signs that you need a root canal?

Sure, dental pain is one of the most prevalent signs that you might need a root canal, but there are many more. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s time to reach out to your local dentist for a professional option:

  • A nasty taste in your mouth.
  • Puss leaking from any area in the mouth.
  • Dark spots residing within your smile.
  • Spontaneous dental pain.
  • Positional tooth pain when you lay in a certain position.

Although you might think a root canal is painful, these symptoms are actually the cause of your dental pain—not the procedure! Root canals are a way to relieve your dental pain and can be practically painless when you ask your dentist about local anesthetic and/or sedation options.

The Important Details of a Root Canal

If your dentist recommends that you undergo root canal therapy, there’s nothing to worry about. Here are the details of a typical root canal procedure that you need to know:

  • Dental x-ray images will be taken of the inner and outer workings of your smile.
  • Your dentist will access the inside of your tooth with tiny dental files.
  • Then, infected materials will be removed to relieve your dental pain, including the infected tooth pulp.
  • Finally, your dentist will seal the tooth from further infections by filling and sealing it with a dental crown.

Do I need a root canal?

If you have dental pain, it’s best to turn to your dentist to see if a root canal in Worthington is right for you. They are only recommended when necessary, as your dentist wants to help you maintain your natural teeth rather than extracting them.

If you’re nervous about needing a root canal, feel free to call your local dentist to discuss how they can help you feel comfortable during your procedure.

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