3 Tips for Talking With Dentures

March 4, 2022

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Have you recently received your dentures? It can be quite exciting to have your smile completely restored, and you’ll enjoy not having to feel self-conscious about your appearance. However, talking with dentures can still prove to be a challenge. Keep reading to learn a few tips for perfecting your speech with your new teeth!

Tip #1: Pronounce Your Words

Even if your dentures are well-fitted, it can be difficult to pronounce certain words or sounds. This is very common for patients to experience, and all it takes is a bit of practice. Try repeating and stretching out typical words or phrases that you use so your mouth becomes comfortable with your dentures in. Certain letters like ‘F’ and ‘S’ are often trickier than others, so it’s a good idea to tackle those pronunciations frequently.

Tip #2: Read Out Loud

Learning to move your mouth with dentures in is the first step to speaking sentences aloud. You’ll want to regain your confidence in talking with your restorations, so hearing yourself read a book or newspaper is a great way to practice in private! You can look yourself in the mirror like you’re getting ready for a speech, or you might even talk or sing in the shower. Whatever can make the process more fun definitely helps boost your mood and your skill.

Tip #3: Talk With Others

After practicing in private, you’ll want to take the big step into conversing with others. Talk with people you’re close to—friends and family—for the best improvement and experience. They can give you the comfort and support you need through your process with dentures. They might also identify words or phrases that you’re struggling with and can help you practice them. As you continue to hold conversations with them, you’ll feel and hear yourself improve, boosting your confidence in the long run.

Learning to speak with your dentures can be difficult at first, but practicing the small steps will help enhance your skills in no time. And if you’re ever having troubles with your speech, you can always consult your dentist for professional advice and additional help for your new smile!

About the Author

Dr. Randall Nameth earned his dental doctorate from The Ohio State University. He pursues continuing education courses every year to remain up-to-date with the latest dental techniques and technologies. He provides a wide collection of advanced treatments, including dentures. If you want to know more about learning to speak with your dentures, feel free to visit his website or call 614-846-2222.

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